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Local Resources

This directory of local resources will assist you in gathering valuable information about the area.

  GradeSchools.net - We're committed to providing parents with information and tools to choose schools, support their children's education and improve schools in their communities.
  School Information - free school profiles
  State dept. of education - school reports, statistics, demographics....
Area Information
  Community profiles -
  Fairfield Continuing Ed - Fairfield Continuing Education Winter
  Fairfield Town - Town of Fairfield
  Golf - Public Courses - Connecticut Public Golf Courses
  Local Information - research local area info, stats, and events
  Trains to New York - Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  Westport Continuing Ed - Westport Continuing ed is availabe to all.
Home Improvement
  Home Depot -
Local Weather
  Local Weather - forecasts, weather patterns, radars....
  Mapquest - maps, driving directions, road trip planner....
  Traffic News - Gridlock Sam
Relocation Links
  Fairfield Real Estate - Yahoo! Real Estate offers a wealth of to help with every aspect of your move
  Moving Center - Moving Estimates, Truck Rental, Moving Supplies and Storage
  National Weather - find weather info anywhere in the US
  Official City Websites - find area info websites across the world!
  US State Departments of Education - see the list of all 50 states
  USPS' Movers Guide - help for planning and executing your move
Tax Information
  First-time homeowners -
  Homeowner deductions information -
  How to report moving expenses -
  Selling your home -
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